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About The MJX Market?

What Is MJX Market?

MJX streamlines the sale and purchase of cannabis flower, trim, oil, clones between licensed growers, producers, extractors, wholesalers and dispensaries. Our platform streamlines the sale and purchase process enabling users to spend less time selling and acquiring cannabis, and more time running their business.

MJX’s secure proprietary communication platform allows prospect buyers and sellers to communicate anonymously. MJX is a listing platforms and does not take any commission for its services.

Dustin Sparks
Investor & Press Relations
What you need to know

What Makes MJX Market Better?

MJX Market has only licensed marijuana wholesalers to maximize returns, reduce non performing inventory and increase exposure.

Maximize profits for hard earned harvest and ingenuity. Promote your products to every legal buyer - share your link with your products. MJX Market creates market competition and increases value.

Wide selection and supply of cannabis products. Simply bid on what you want. Set filters, and get notifications when your criteria are met. Communicate anonymously and securely with sellers.

The MJX Market Connects the entire ecosystem of cannabis cultivators, processors & dispensaries inside a single markeplace.




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